Monday, July 30, 2007

IAD Youth Congress, Medellin, Columbia

I just came back from a very refreshing and successful youth congress for our Youth in Inter American Division. The youth there really were awesome. I "wasted time" time with them every day and heard testimonies how they enjoyed belonging in the Seventh day Adventist Church. These youth who came to the youth congress were mainly youth leaders representing all churches in Inter American Divsion. Their faces showed their commitment to their God.

When the Cuban group arrived - by the way they came three days late as they took a bus from Venezuela to Columbia - Medellin. All six thousand delegates stood up to welcome this delegation. What comradeship! I was so happy to see that all countries of this great division were represented. These youths fellowshipped, prayed, worshipped, and ate together.

The theme Obsessed with Jesus was echoed every where on the venue of the Congress. Inter American Division will never be the same with such spiritual fire that was set among the delegates. There were many pastors and church administrators who came to support the young people including the president of the Division who spent all five days with us. When youth see the leadership of the church on their side - their commitment and confidence in the church does increase. I thank the leadership of the division for their full support. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if all administrators in the church would set a side their quality time for the youth of this church. Just imagine!


Henry said...

Welcome back from IAD i was impressed by the Theme.OBSESSED WITH JESUS, And i would like to thank all those Youth leaders you ''wasted time'' with. for all they are doing to serve God and the youth.
God Bless you all as we prepare for Taiwan.
Henry Namazima

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