Monday, October 1, 2007

Imagine If We Had Our Own Seventh Day Adventist Social Networking Site

It is true today that there are so many Social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook, Xanga, MSN Spaces etc. Imagine if the Seventh day Adventist Church would come up with its own social networking version for our youth. A site that has all the Seventh day Adventist look. Imagine a site where all our youth would meet and find friends, discuss issues that are common among them without any of all these advertisements that sometimes have very questionable outlooks.

This is my dream and the dream of many of those who working at the General Conference Youth Ministries Department. To create a social-networking site that has all departments of the church linked together. One where, while you are chatting with friends, you can go check out what the church is doing and how you can help in the mission of the church. For example, while you are chatting with your friends about volunteering, you can just click on the Adventist Volunteering link and you will see all the volunteering opportunities that are available in your church worldwide. This site will be created and operated by Adventist youth. This site will nurture and challenge youth to participate in the mission of the church while they hanging out with other youth who share their lifestyle and beliefs.

Research says that 61% percent of 13 -17 year-olds have a personal profile on online social networking sites like MySpace, Friendster or Xanga. And two-thirds of all adolescents, many of them Seventh-day Adventist Youth, report using instant messaging. This blows my mind!! So many youth now hang out at these sites!!! We need our own site. ... It is not an option - the church must embark on this dream. If not, high technology (and maybe our children) will leave us behind.

This dream can come through. The General Conference Administration is looking into the possibility of starting such a site, but we need to hear from you. They need to know that it is needed. Let us have your take on this matter.
Do you think it is worth pursuing?
Will many young people social network on this site?
Will you switch your site to this one so that you can join other youth of the Seventh day Adventist Church?
Share you thoughts on this with us
Can you suggest a name this new site? Check the Insight website for an entry form and a gift?
Let me hear from you.

Just imagine having our own Seventh day Adventist Social networking site like 'MySpace'. Youth ministry is in the business of fishing for youth and we must go where the fish are; and in today's world we will find our youth at these sites!! Let me hear from you - what is your comment!