Saturday, August 11, 2007

500 Youth Leaders in SPD Embrace A New Vision at the Move with the Power II

More than 500 Youth from all corners of South Pacific Division have convened in Brisbane at Watson Park Conference Center under the umbrella of Retain, Reclaim and Rescue at the Move with the Power II to chat for a new vision for SPD future youth ministry.

Workshops have been planned to support those three elements of the Convention. Gilbert Cangy the Division Youth Director would like to see each and every youth organization in the entire division embrace the burden he has for the department.

The new Ambassador program has been received so well. Many youth leaders have signed up for this new level in Adventist Youth Ministry. Every day the day begins with a Prayer session - youth leaders break into small groups to welcome a new day and to ask for Gods guidance.
The morming has devotion, plenary session and workshop. After lunch another plenary session before delegates break into more workshop. The day ends with Dick Barron inspiring the delegates with his powerful preaching. Though Dick is retired now from active Youth Ministry he still has such an awesome passion for the salvation of the youth. He is still putting people at the edge of their seats.

Groups from the Pacific Islands bless the convention with great singing. It feels like every delegate belongs to a choir. The blending of the voices is just incredible.
I notice the friendship and fellowship among the delegates to be beyond my expectations.
South Pacific Division will never be the same after this outstanding Convention.