Monday, July 30, 2007

IAD Youth Congress, Medellin, Columbia

I just came back from a very refreshing and successful youth congress for our Youth in Inter American Division. The youth there really were awesome. I "wasted time" time with them every day and heard testimonies how they enjoyed belonging in the Seventh day Adventist Church. These youth who came to the youth congress were mainly youth leaders representing all churches in Inter American Divsion. Their faces showed their commitment to their God.

When the Cuban group arrived - by the way they came three days late as they took a bus from Venezuela to Columbia - Medellin. All six thousand delegates stood up to welcome this delegation. What comradeship! I was so happy to see that all countries of this great division were represented. These youths fellowshipped, prayed, worshipped, and ate together.

The theme Obsessed with Jesus was echoed every where on the venue of the Congress. Inter American Division will never be the same with such spiritual fire that was set among the delegates. There were many pastors and church administrators who came to support the young people including the president of the Division who spent all five days with us. When youth see the leadership of the church on their side - their commitment and confidence in the church does increase. I thank the leadership of the division for their full support. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if all administrators in the church would set a side their quality time for the youth of this church. Just imagine!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

On my way to Medellin , Columbia, I had two hour layover. As usual I took a stand near a corner at one of the hall ways of the terminal and just watched people as they passed rushing and some running to their gates. Guess what I saw? Within those two hours.. I saw six different groups of young people wearing Tshirts with words such as Faith in Action, Youth with a Mission even Boys Scouts had theirs with words, " Adventure in Service. Some of these groups came as far as Australia. I actually flew with one group of youth from Washington DC to Miami. By the way all these groups were traveling to Central American Division. Countries such as Columbia, Honduras, Belize and Mexico are being impacted by these mission trips.
All this time I wondered within myself, what has happened around the world among the church youth. Mission Trips have become so popular and attractive to our youth.Imagine, if every every Seventh day Adventist Church would send their young people out to do mission service once or twice a year( how about every holiday) Instead of youth just staying home doing nothing, let churches encourage youth to participate in Mission Trips. Imagine of the fire for God these mission trips would generate in your local church. Let us make these trips the signature of missionary activities to places where we would not have a that opportunity of reaching easily.
Where is your church when it comes to Mission Trips? Your world church has planned for you an exciting event for your youth to participate in at the end of this year, the World Conference on Youth and Community Service, to be held in Taiwan from December 24th, 2007 to January 5,2008. Here is an opportunity for your youth and your church to join in. Let me hear from your your opinion on these mission trips.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Arranged Marriages

In this weeks' adult Bible Study, I came across a point which I shared with my daughters that created alot of no, Daddy that can't be true and it is too old... the point at issue -- arranged marriages. You remember Abraham arranging a wife for Isaach? You know, I think it was a idea to do and would support it even today. I know some of you may not agree with what I am suggesting here and think I am so ancient. With all going on in marriages maybe the world can try to practice the old old way of getting a spouse. What is your take on this? Do you agree with my daughters or you support me???


In youth ministry summer time can be so hectic. I have found my schedule so tight that I cannot even find some time to just chil.