Monday, May 19, 2008


Recently I read a quote made by Dame Jacqueline Wilson, which read as follows, " Basically, many teenagers want to be told " No, I am not allowing you to go there." It comes as a relief to them and then they can moan and groan to their friends. Parents are well- meaning and want to be popular with their children, and they remember clearly how they felt when their own parents told them they couldn't do things. But they need to set boundaries and offer guidance.

As I read this quotation I realized the importance of rules, standards in our society whether is in the church or in school or in the home. We need such guidance from those who have been placed in such position to give leadership to youth. Or do we really need them, is it necessary to have boundaries after all?

Let me here from you do you think parents or in the absence of them, churches should set boundaries for their children. If so what kind of characteristics should christian parents or youth leaders have to meet this challenge of giving guidance to young people.