Thursday, July 19, 2007

Arranged Marriages

In this weeks' adult Bible Study, I came across a point which I shared with my daughters that created alot of no, Daddy that can't be true and it is too old... the point at issue -- arranged marriages. You remember Abraham arranging a wife for Isaach? You know, I think it was a idea to do and would support it even today. I know some of you may not agree with what I am suggesting here and think I am so ancient. With all going on in marriages maybe the world can try to practice the old old way of getting a spouse. What is your take on this? Do you agree with my daughters or you support me???


Anonymous said...

I think its not so cool an idea unless the two people involved are interested in each other. today we believe in "falling in love".young people have the freedom to choose what they want.parents who think they should choose partners for their children have a holding on complex.they don't believe their children have the brains to decide,hence they want to hold on to their children and continue making decisions for them.Youths listen to advice.

Constantine said...

I think most of the civil liberties we have today came from Christianity. When Jesus came and proclaimed a kingdom of consciousness and broke with several traditions not only a few from Judaism but with pagan religions also. But consciousness can not exist without freedom, otherwise it is just fear, blind obedience and there is no salvation in such option. This is why (in contrary to muslins for example) we don't kill our children if they choose to turn to a different religion and I can not agree with arranged marriages. We would probably start with the best intentions but as soon as the parents start choosing the wife or husband for their children they will also start to decide tons of other things. Probably the enemy would use this against us.

I don't know if my ideas are clear and I apologize for my poor english. :)

Jesus' Daughter said...

I think that a level of trust is needed. I know it's hard to give up a decision that will effect your daughters life and happiness, but many Seventh-day adventists, other Christians and ven non-believers have happy lasting marriages - that were not arranged. I understand that as a daughter my Father would be concerned about me because he loves me. But I know that though he would love to protect me by chosing a husband for me he trusts, he needs to prove he trusts me. In my everyday life I make decisions based on what would be best for me, for my family, and based on God's direction in my life. If my Father trusts me in these things, to do the right, houourable and God-directed thing? Why would he not trust me when it comes time for me to make an honourable, correct and God-directed decision on whom I shall marry?

Trust your daughters, if their faith in God is strong, or if they listen to him he will direct their paths and show them the way.

I suggest you trust your daughters as well as love them.

Sometimes a love is best shown when you let them go for a while and show them you trust them.

It will be hard, it will be scary, but they will love and trust you in return.

If they turn from God then you can only pray they will make the right decision and will turn back to him, however trust them, love them and it will all work out.